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Chiranabin means ‘evergreen’. It is a welfare concern for social security of suffering humanity and community development. During the political instability and social doldrums a group of youth motivated for the uplift of social, economic and cultural education & rural development sphere in remote village Parbakshi situated at the bank of Rupnarayana in the western part of Howrah district established this Organization on 1968 founded by Sri Sukumar Sau. The Organization has been working at the grass-root level by gearing up social economic condition of the vulnerable people and this advantage people since 1972. Chiranabin’s inception the comprising people oriented based activities by organizing people movement as well as empowerment for the people by mobilizing local resource. Through welfare activities Chiranabin slowly gathered strength and is working in collaboration with many National Institutions, State & Central Govt. Chiranabin is a NGO, non-political, non-profitable & irrespective of caste and creed and religion with the following objective:-


  • Prevention drug abuse-awareness-counseling-de-addiction-after care.
  • Welfare of the aged-both Institutional and Non-institutional.
  • Family and Child Welfare including Vocational Training.
  • To organize and help the backward classes in the sphere of educational programme and culture.
  • To conduct different health based awareness campaign to improve the nutritional status of the villagers and pregnant mothers.
  • The promote a creative motto among under developed people.
  • The spread the child care scheme for the betterment of Health and Nutrition.
  • To assist them national and Non-Govt. Organization similar to ours.
  • The spread of child care for the betterment of health & nutrition.
  • To assist the vocational training and enhance the leadership.
  • To merge the persons with disability to main stream of the society.
  • ) To create awareness.


To provide meaningful opportunities to the poor and disadvantage, with particular emphasis on the empowerment of women and other vulnerable sections of the society so as to achieve high level of sustained social and economic development.


A Self-Reliant Society, free from the evils of caste, creed, gender discrimination, illiteracy and exploitation, where man & woman move ahead hand-in-hand and in perfect harmony with nature, so as to attain higher levels of humaneness and camaraderie.


T he area of Organisation concentrates its development activities for women, youth, aged persons & disable who have no social protection from exploitation facing problem of mal- adjustment in society, victims of emotional disturbance, social ostracism or being force to prostitution and specially vulnerable scheduled caste, cover 8(eight) blocks of Howrah districts.


Women, youths, aged persons and disable who have no social protection from exploitation, facing problem of mal-adjustment in society or family, victims of emotional disturbances and social ostracism or being forced in to prostitution and specially vulnerable scheduled caste community.

Our Legal Relevant Document Details


The society was established in 1968 and was registered in September, 1972 ( S / 12109 dated 17-09-1972) under West Bengal Societies Registration Act. 1961 on the basis of past activities.

The Organization is also registered with the Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India under Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 1976 (147000030 dated 06-03-1985) in March 1985.

We are registered under OFFICE OF THE COMMISSIONER for PWD, Govt. of West Bengal. Regd. No. u/s 52(2) & (4) (b) of the PWD Act. 1995 and Rule 43 of the PWD Rule 1999.

Registration of Society under National Trust Act. 1999 (under section 12(4) of the Act.) for the welfare of P.W.D. with C.P., M.R., M.D. & Autism (Regd. No. 2571/MR/CP/Autism/MD.

Eligible for exemption u/s 80G of the Income Tax Act. 1961 (No. DIT(E)/563/8E/349/2003-04) and u/s 12A of the Income Tax Act. 1961 (No. DIT(E)/S-72/8E/349/2003-04).

General Body (Meets once in a year and receive the annual report & audited accounts, elects the executive committee every three years)

Executive Committee/Managing Committee (Meets every month, take policy, decision and approve the budget)

Our People:-

General Body: 57 Executive Committee / Managing Committee - 11, Advisory Members -5

  • Founder Member- 1
  • Life Member- 5
  • Ordinary Member- 35
  • Honorary Member- 11
  • Associate Member- 5